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Mass Hysteria Presents: The Game

at Tate Modern

Mass Hysteria Presents: The Game was a day long event hosted on the 18th February 2020 by Mass Hysteria at Tate Modern, as part of the collaboration between Trinity Laban Conseratoire of Music and Dance and Tate Modern.

Mass Hysteria is a dance collective of 12 female and non-binary artists that I am lucky be a member of. To find out more, click here.

In 2019, Mass Hysteria received a Trinity Laban Innovation Award. We have then been invited to take over the space of Tate Exchange (the 5th floor of Tate Modern) for one day.

On the 18th of February we have changed Tate Exchange into our dance studio. We've set ourselves a task to research in our dancing how one can interact and get inspired from their environment (based on the thesis from one of the members of the collective, Willa Faulkner). We performed a series of solo explorations which also engaged the audience.

We've also shared a new choreography by a member of the collective Hannah Aebi, and presented my work Welcoming Female Fantasy.

The day also included a number of games which we played with the audience, innviting them to join us on the dance floor.

Produced by Laura Woods

Mass Hysteria members: Rebecca Piersanti, Hannah Aebi, Marlen Pflueger, Willa Faulkner, Lydia Walker, Julia Kayser, Katie Serridge, Jennie Boultbee, Nina Richard, Dominique Baker, Sophie Page, Monika Błaszczak

Garments by: Marie Lueder, Krystal Paniagua

Styled by: Lily McMurray

Music: Fauci

Video works: Helena Bermejo and Romain B-ros, Dror Shohet, with Mass Hysteria

Trailer: Dror Shohet

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