Two bald people wearing white clothes are lying on the white gallery floor. One person is lying on top of the other, while the other person is embracing the one on top. One person has their eyes closed.

Commissioned performance for the Modern Couples exhibition at the Barbican co-created with Luisa Mateo Dupleich Rozo


From the Barbican website:

Luisa Mateo is a choreographer and performance artist from Bolivia. Along with collaborator Monika Błaszczak, they present a series of living sculptures that respond to the gallery’s environment, bridging the gap between viewers and the exhibition, offering their own bodies as canvases of presence in space.

We had an honour of performing alongside the works of Picasso, Duchamp, O'Keefe, Woolf, Moholy-Nago, Dalí, Klimt, Kahlo, Rivera, Kandinsky, and (...)