Soliloquy Reimagined for Translucent 

@ VO Curations

For more information on the project Soliloquy, click here

I performed the choreography Soliloquy Reimagined together with the sound and visual artist Gisou Golshani.

It was presented as part of the London-based platform Translucent on the invitation of Niya B and Giulia Casalini.

A bald performer wraps her body around with a light yellow fabric. The performer is sitting on the floor and behind her there's a pink wall. The performer is lit with soft yellow and pink lights.
A picture taken during a performance of a duet of performers. The crowd is observing the dance and music performance. The space is lit withyellow pinkand blue lights.
A naked dancer performs in front of a crowd of people in an industrial space. The dancer touches her chest to the column and her legs are resting on the floor.