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During Soliloquy performances, the dancer engages with the practice of Soliloquy and with the particular time-space context of the performance, while being witnessed.

Soliloquy 28.08.2022, Two Hours Ago I Fell In Love Festival, Rimini, Italy

Soliloquy 16.07.2022, Alex Donaghy’s Memorial, Apiary Studios, London, UK

Soliloquy 09.07.2022, East London Dance, London, UK

Soliloquy 29.04.2021, Park Wilsona, Poznań, Poland

Soliloquy 28.09.2019, United Cowboys, Eindhoven, Netherlands

Soliloquy Reimagined, in collaboration with Gisou Golshani, V.O Curations, London, UK

Soliloquy 16.05.2019, Laban Theatre, London, UK

Soliloquy 26.01.2019, Riposte, London, UK

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