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Śnienie (Dreaming) is an immersive site-specific work, made in 2016 for two neihgbouring buildings: the Poznań Fara (known as the finest example of Polish Baroque architecture) and the National Ballet School (former Jesuit college).

The performers were the students of the National Ballet School in Poznań, accompanied by the students of the National Music School and guest performers from the Polish Dance Theatre - around 250 performers.

The piece was premiered on the 13th of March 2016 as part of the Festival Atelier, hosted by the Polish Dance Theatre, and performed again as part of Malta Festival 2016.

The piece was an attempt to dance with the ghosts of the building. We were inviting the ghosts of ballet, the ghosts of our dance studios, the ghosts we've been learning about from books.

Stefan Drajewski wrote in his review for e-teatr: Few weeks ago, when the jury of the Young Arts' Medal has awarded its distinction to Monika Blaszczak, a student of the National Ballet School, they knew that she is already a mature artist with a few choreographic (or rather interdisciplinary) realisations to her credit. However nobody has expected that the first grande premiere of the medallist will overshadow her previous successes. On the Sunday night, the Jesuit complex (the Parish Church and the building of the Ballet School) were taken into a new dimension. 

The presentation on the Malta Festival gathered around 500 audience members.

Followed by the presentation at the Malta Festival, I've been awarded the title of the person of the year in culture by the magazine Kultura Poznań and I was listed second on the list of 30 most powerful women in Poznań (by Gazeta Wyborcza). 
Śnienie also got included in the Encyplopedia of Polish Theatre.

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