Welcoming Female Fantasy

Created for the Young Assosiates of Sadler's Wells selection process (2019).

Performed again at Tate Modern as part of the Mass Hysteria's takeover of Tate Exchange (2020) - click here for more information.

I want to provide space for my dancers to explore their own fantasies – the agency is given back to the performers.

I celebrate female form, human empathy and ability to feel with and care for the environment.

Since the dance techniques were made part of our bodies through training, we reappropriate those traces and make them an integral part of our being and moving in the world.

Since the technological advancements are becoming an integral part of our natural environment, we search for ways of incorporating them fully into our dancing.

The garments used for this piece were made by Katharina Dubbick. Knitting, a technique for so long associated with women, reminds us to honor the crafts which we inherited from our mothers, which we will pass on to our daughters.

Co-created with the dancers: Hannah Aebi, Lydia Walker, Rebecca Piersanti