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Soliloquy 16.05.2019, Laban Theatre, London


// Hauntological Somatics

Soliloquy is a practice of making work on one's body. It outlines an ethics of work which challenges the dominant economic systems, aesthetics, and precarity in the arts, while actively searching for new embodiments, somatic work and available forms of healing, in response to the urgent call of climate crisis and its effect on our bodies. In this practice, the separation of dancer and choreographer and the binary logic of subject/object within art making is questioned. The ethical concerns of Soliloquy are - what alternative modes of working are possible in the age of late capitalism? How can we resist the exploitative art economy and its constant pressure to produce? What kind of dancing is possible and necessary on a dying planet? How can we collectively activate the healing power of dance in order to move with response-ability and care towards ourselves, each other and the environments we inhabit.

Soliloquy encourages us to question the ways we have been taught to understand our bodies. It guides us to listen closely, desire differently, and to explore radical loneliness and the intimacy that it brings. It is a process of making work on one’s own body through the hauntological choreographing of oneself. The term hauntology was coined by Jacques Derrida in Spectres of Marx (1993), which refers to the paradoxical state of being neither/both present nor/and absent. For Soliloquy, time is seen as non-linear and layered, and the practice encourages us to look at the ways we are affected, moved and shaped by our pasts, presents and futures.

Soliloquy was first developed in 2019 in the form of the practice’s manual during my final year at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance in London, UK, under the title The Manual of Soliloquy. A practice of becoming through the hauntological choreographing of oneself. Since then, they have performed Soliloquy in a form of a solo work, at several locations across the continent, and the practice has evolved iteratively through discussions with collaborators, working with the curator Gallia Young and leading courses and workshops on Soliloquy.

Soliloquy is currently offered to the world in the form of:

a) somatic practice,
b) a performance output,

c) a community-building movement workshop,

d) a manual of the practice,

e) a mission of hope, responsibility and love: to activate the healing power of dance in times of climate crisis, in order to save what can still be saved and grieve what must yet be grieved.


To read the first chapter of The Manual of Soliloquy , click here. 

To read the whole work, please contact me.

To watch Soliloquy 16.05.2019 click here.

To check when Soliloquy will be performed or taught, please check calendar.

I also offer Soliloquy 1-on-1 individual classes online or in person. To book one, please contact me.

Soliloquy has been supported by such institutions as: Trinity Laban (UK), V.O. Curations (UK), National Institute of Music and Dance in Poland (PL), Adam Mickiewicz Institute (PL), La Wayaka Current (UK/CL), The Glasgow School of Art (SCT), East London Dance (UK), Riposte London (UK).

Soliloquy 29.04.2021, Park Wilsona, Poznań

Soliloquy 26.01.2019, Riposte, London

Soliloquy 08.07.2019, V.O. Curations, London, in collaboration with Gisou Golshani, as part of the Translucent platform

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