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Soliloquy is a somatic practice created by Monika Błaszczak, developed at the intersection of choreography, hauntology and ecology. Anybody can participate in a Soliloquy workshop, no matter their age, background, level of mobility or previous experiences.

In Soliloquy, we study our bodies and their relationships with environments and other bodies. We explore the intricacies of the body as a site of knowledge, memory and agency. We become, following the lines of our desires. We grieve, re-member and move with response-ability. We meet the ghosts of our pasts, presents and futures which are absent/present in our bodies and in the surroundings. We search for the kind of dancing which is possible and necessary on a dying planet. We offer our movement as a gift to the land and to our loved ones, building reciprocal relationships of care. We make love with worlds.

Soliloquy workshops take place in different locations around the world. They can last different amounts of time depending on the context and take place indoors, outdoors or online.


Personal Soliloquy sessions catered to your needs are also available, offered in-person and online.

Check the upcoming dates of the workshops here.


Invite me to teach a Soliloquy workshop or schedule a personal Soliloquy session by contacting me.

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